1. “I am not going far I’ll be always here. just an inch away, I promise. “

2. “How long will I live my life afraid of “what ifs’?” 

3. “We need the touch of one we love as much as we need air to breath. “

4. “If I am going to die, I’d love to live first.” 

5. “I’m tired of living without really living. I am tired of wanting things. We can’t have a lot of things. But we could have this.” 

6. “If this is all we get, then let’s take it. I want to be fearless and free. It’s just life. It will be over before we know it.” 

Maybe I’m better off dead,  

Wish I could control the voices in my head.  

Have any of ever noticed the earthquake in my voice?  

Don’t bother! I’ll soon disappear from this world full of noise.  

Maybe I’m better off dead.  

Have any of you heard anything that my silence has said? 

Heard none wants to see my face, 

Was I such a matter of disgrace? 

Maybe I am better off dead. 

It isn’t the people of whom I’m afraid 

It is the voices inside my head I fear, 

Which reminds me well that life isn’t fair. 

Nuren Noorain

I still search

for you in crowds,

in empty fields

and soaring clouds.

In city lights

and passing cars,

on winding roads

and wishing stars.

I wonder where

you could be now

For years I’ve not said

your name out loud

And longer since

I called you mine-

time has passed

for you and I

But I have learnt

to live without,

I do not mind-
I still love you anyhow.

Lang Leav

If you have to ask Why me?
When you are feeling really blue
When the world has turned against you
And you don’t know what to do,
When it pours colossal raindrops
And you’re feeling more confused
Than you ever could express,

When the saddened sun won’t shine,
When the stars will not align,
When you’d rather be
Inside your bed,
The covers pulled
Above your head,
When life is something
That you dread
And you have to ask Why me?

Then when the world seems right and true,
When rain has left a gentle dew,
When you feel happy being you,
Please ask yourself Why me? then, too.

-Barbara Vance

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