Nuren Noorain

‘But I don’t want to be with them. I want to be with you, here.’

‘Just a day more, I promise. Once you turn 20 you won’t have to live with the human beings anymore.’

Narissa smiled mildly as she said ‘I hope so.’

‘I should be going.’ ‘Narissa, are you sure?’ said Atarah looking at Narissa. ‘Trust me; it’s going to be alright’, smiled Narissa.

‘I trust you more than anyone.’

‘I know you do. I will manage and try my best not to die,’ giggled Narissa.’ Narissa!’ shouted Atarah ‘for once in your life…’ ‘Okay, okay I know it’s a bad omen for a Dechado but I am not a pure Dechado sooooo….’ ‘You never lose a fight, do you?’ smiled Atarah looking into the intense grey eyes of Narissa. Though Narissa was tall, she wasn’t as tall as Atarah. She made a light braid in her long brown hair. She was fairer than any other girl in the neighbourhood. She looked at Atarah and said, ‘You sacrificed everything just to train me; I swear I won’t let it go in vain.’ Atarah couldn’t hold herself, she hugged Narissa tightly and shredded into tears. ‘I am sorry. I am so sorry,’ cried Atarah. ‘You don’t have to.  Really. There’s nothing you could do.’ ‘I never wanted to push you into this. But I had no choice. Only you can do this. It’s far beyond my ability.’

‘You need to go now. It’s already too late.’ ‘Yeah, bye.’ Narissa turned around as she reached the door and smiled. A part of her wanted to tell her the truth; what she was planning but a part of her didn’t. She thought it was best not to inform her. Because if she does Atarah wouldn’t let her take any risk like so. So she turned around and left the place.

It was near 9 at night. Narissa was walking down the street all alone. All of a sudden she stopped. She felt as if someone was following her. She rolled her eyes. ‘Grow up Blake.’ A male figure suddenly appeared in front of her out of nowhere. He was taller than Narissa; had wavy blond hair making a small pony tail at back. He was wearing a long oxford blue overcoat on a white shirt and dark brown boots. His cheeks dimpled as he said, ‘You always catch me, don’t you?’ ‘Cause you act foolishly.’ ‘Okay, this time, I did nothing.’ ‘Well, someone was humming,’ she smirked. ‘You don’t leave a chance to humiliate me.’ ‘I am not humiliating anyone. I am just pointing out your mistakes.’ She started walking. Blake walked with her. ‘How was your last day of training?’ Blake quickly changed the topic before she could point out any more mistake of him. ‘Atarah was too worried. I fear she might get sick.’ Narissa looked up at the sky; it was all covered with stars. The moon was shining bright in the sky. ‘The sky, it looks beautiful, doesn’t it?’ Blake looked down at Narissa. ‘I must say, it is,’ he blushed. He held Narissa’s hand. Narissa looked at him expecting him to say something. ‘I…I….’ ‘You what?’ said Narissa. ‘I think its quiet late; let me get you home.’ He held her hand tightly and disappeared all of a sudden. The next moment they were standing in front of Narissa’s house. ‘You really wanted to say this?’ ‘Yes! Of course. Why? What did you think?’ ‘Nothing. I was just thinking if should really hide this whole thing from Atarah.’ ‘I too hate hiding things from her. But you know it’s for the best.’ Narissa nodded. ‘Well its quiet late I should be going.’ ‘Yeah bye.’ Saying this Blake disappeared with the fog.