Once in the heart of a dense forest lived a fox. It was known for it’s mischievous ways for causing troubles. Throughout the day it’s only thought was plotting how to outsmart others or entangle them into trouble. One afternoon, the fox ventured far from the forest and reached the spot where the lion king lived. A wicked thought came to its mind to play false with the king. Never before it’d been so daring but today it resolved to do so. Though it was surprised to think about its own audacity.

Anyway, the fox approached the lion king’s palace and called out “is the king there?” The lion roared with an air of annoyance.

“Who’s it at such an unusual time? What brings you here?” said the lion. “It’s me, a fox, your majesty. I called you because it’s an urgent” said the fox in a mild tone. The lion was annoyed to see the fox of whom he heard so many complaints regarding its deceptive nature.

The lion stared at the fox. The fox said, “In the northern part of the. forest, a colt is born.” The lion became fiery. He said,” How dare you disturb me just to tell that at this moment?”  The tricky fox, meekly, replied, “You’re the king of the forest, your majesty! In the jungle should there be anything happened unknown to you! You must know everything happen here. And what is more important for you to know that the colt has born with five legs.” The fox continued, “The colt has been ill since birth and most probably it won’t survive. The mummy horse told me that the baby colt wants to see the king lion before he dies. And if the baby dies, it’s mother won’t survive either. Your majesty, I was greatly moved to hear that so I have come to inform you without any delay. “

Hearing all that the king’s heart filled with compassion. He decided to accompany the fox to see the ailing colt. “Well, let’s go then,” the king said.

The lion started walking with the wicked fox. While walking the lion was thinking over the fox’s notorious reputation for spreading false stories and sowing discord among the animals. Doubt crept into his mind. He thought to himself, “It’d have been smarter to verify the validation of the information before setting off. But, he mustn’t be so imprudent to make a fun with me for sure!”

They walked and walked, the sun absorbed a fiery red hue and was going to be set soon. Then, at last, the fox halted at a crossroad. The fox said, “This path will take less time to reach the destination but there’s some problem here. So it’s better we take that route”

The king “Why go that way? What problem is there? Tell me.”

The fox said, “Your highness, the king of the forest, you shouldn’t know every silly thing. Let’s go through this route.” But the lion insisted on knowing the issue. He said, “But you have to tell me first about the problem.” The fox acted cunningly and said, “Better not to hear this, your majesty.” The lion made loud roar. The fox pretending to be more submissive, answered, “Your highness, if we take this path, we will encounter a giant elephant that’s come from the neighboring jungle and he claims to be the monarch of this forest,” The lion yelled, “Did he say so?” The fox said, “He has announced that defending you, he will be the ruler of this forest.” The king’s anger flared, “What? By God….” The fox continued, “Your majesty! I didn’t dare to tell you before because his words would make you angry. Anyway, an insane one tells so many absurd things. Just drop the matter, your honor! Now we should go to see the colt.”    

The lion already made up his mind to confront the intruder. The king commanded, “Follow me! I want to see the giant and his power. How dares he long for domain! Death will be the only punishment for his arrogance! “

Again they walked. After sometime, they stopped by a narrow stream. Then the fox pointed to an elephant at a distance. “Your highness! That’s him, found here this morning. He said that from now on he should be treated as the king of this forest. “said the fox.

The lion roared and rushed towards the huge elephant. The fox saw from the distance, the lion jumped on the elephant back, grappled with him and made a huge bite.

The Elephant groaned with great pain and tried to catch the lion with his trunk. The elephant caught hold of the lion and threw him down violently to the ground. The lion flew away and was bumped against a big tree. To his utter surprise the elephant saw that it was lion, the king, whom he just thrown down. Being frightened, the elephant ran to the king and helped the lion stand up. The elephant asked for his forgiveness. He said very politely, “Please, forgive me, your majesty! I’m sorry, I’m ashamed. What a wretch I am to do such a thing. I’m really sorry I didn’t realize that you were behind me. Please, king, punish me for my great offence. I’ll accept any punishment you give me, sir. “

The lion could realize how he was made a fool by the deceitful fox. Anyway, the lion asked the elephant, “Did you claimed to be the king?” The elephant replied, “Me! The king! Why would I do this? Your highness, I came here this morning in search of food as there was a fire in my forest and as a result there wasn’t enough food for us. At last I came here looking for food. Sorry, sir, I was so hungry that I couldn’t ask for your permission before eating.” The lion wondered, “What permission……?” The elephant responded, “While eating grass in the morning, I met the fox. It said the king has an order that any outsider must have the majesty’s permission to eat any food here. Otherwise, he will face death.” The lion said’ “I am the king, telling you that there isn’t any such law. Hmm, it befooled both of us. It deserves a severe punishment.” The elephant said, “With your permission sir, I want to make a mash of him.” The Lion agreed, “Come, let me help you with this.” Then both of them ran towards the fox.

The fox watched the situation from a safe distance and could realize the impending danger. So he started running. Somehow it managed to save itself from the consequences of its deceit

And since then the fox avoids tactfully meeting the lion and the Elephant.

Deceitful actions lead to isolation and mistrust………

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