Abbreviation: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

What is MBTI?

In simple words, MBTI is a psychological test that helps us to know how our mind works. Do you ever just look at some memes and think it’s too relatable? We can relate to other people because our mind follows some pattern. Yes, we all are different and I really believe in individualism. But we can’t avoid the common pattern of the human mind. MBTI tells you about what pattern you are following,which you yourself might have never noticed.

Understanding MBTI

According to MBTI, human personality have been divided into 16 types. These types have been made up of 8 letters.

The first letter is either I or E. The second letter is either N or S. The third letter is F or T and the fourth letter is J or P. Here;

I stands for Introversion                                                                                                         

stands for Extraversion                        

N stands for Intuition                                                                                                             

S stands for Sensing  

F stands for Feeling                                                                                                                 

T stands for Thinking 

J stands for Judgment                                                                                                             

P stands for Perceiving 

The 16 types of personalities are-

  1. INFP – The Idealist
  2. INFJ – The Advocate
  3. INTP – The Logician
  4. INTJ – The Architect
  5. ISFP – The Artist
  6. ISFJ – The Protector
  7. ISTP – The Virtuoso
  8. ISTJ – The Logistician
  9. ENFP- The Champion
  10. ENFJ – The Protagonist
  11. ENTP- The Debater
  12. ENTJ- The Commander
  13. ESFP- The Performer
  14. ESF J- The Caregiver
  15. ESTP- The Persuader
  16. ESTJ- The Executive

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